Meet Tully, Todd, Trevor, Trina, Tatum, Toby and Tyler.

These adorable golden pups are the latest recruits to the Guide Dogs Queensland programme, thanks to the support and fund-raising efforts of the community at RV Homebase.

An incredible $700 was raised for the charity at the Arts and Crafts Festival in August, with RV Homebase matching the amount raised on the day.

Arts & Craft Festival

RV Homebase resident and avid-painter, Hetty said the $1400 donated would be used to train, feed and house the seven Guide Dog pups.

“We had a presentation with a lady from Guide Dogs Queensland, who shared a video about how the pups will be trained and what the donated money would be used for,” Hetty said.

“It was a real eye-opener for everyone and we now know they were definitely a worthy charity to support.”

Arts & Craft Festival

The Arts and Crafts Festival was held on August 23 at the RV Homebase Community Centre, with more than 23 stalls established for residents to share their talents and creations, including painting, glasswork, doll making and quilting.

“The talent in this Village is incredible,” Hetty said. “There were people doing things that we would never know of, and people were very generous when it came to donating.”

RV Homebase has been gifted with a certificate as a Guide Dogs Queensland Puppy Club Member, sponsoring the “T” Litter.

Tatum, Toby, Todd, Trevor, Trina, Tully and Tyler were all born on January 18. The sponsorship will ensure the “T” Litter puppies have the best chance of success on their journey to become life-changing Guide Dogs.



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