RV Homebase will shine bright in a heart-felt display of blue, white and yellow lanterns next month as residents walk the streets to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation.

Glenn and Shelley Anderson are the charitable forces behind the Light the Night walk on October 7, with their fellow neighbours already showing their support for the fund-raising night.

The couple, who have been personally touched by leukaemia, were inundated with stories about the blood cancer after posting notice of the event earlier this month.

“It seems everywhere we turn someone has been touched by leukaemia, whether personally or they know someone who has,” Shelley said.

“We now believe this event is going to be very significant and meaningful to a lot of people and it’s nice to be able to host one within our community here at RV Homebase.”

Participants will carry coloured lanterns — gold to remember someone, white for their own journey or blue to show they care.

Shelley, who had been living with a form of leukaemia for several years, will hold a white lantern while Glenn will hold a blue lantern in the name of their son who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of the blood cancer almost three years ago.

Shelley said if it was not for the support of the Leukaemia Foundation, their son would not be alive today.

“Dennis was diagnosed with leukaemia five months after the birth of his first daughter and he and his wife Jo had to move to Townville, 400km from their home, so he could get treatment,” Shelley said.

“The Leukemia Foundation supported him from the moment he was diagnosed and are still helping the family to this day.

“But not only that, the money donated to the Leukaemia Foundation goes towards finding cures and into new research for treatment, which is what saved my son. Five years ago he would have died but because of donations into research for treatment he is still alive and has a great chance of survival.”

Light the Night Story

Shelley and Glenn’s son Dennis and his daughter Annabelle (5 months)

Shelley said althouth the diagnoses of leukaemia came as a shock to the family there had been signs of the disease for a few months.

“Two days before he found out he rang me and told me he had bleeding gums and that he leant up on a wall and it bruised his arm,” she said.

“He had a blood test and when he got home he had a call from the doctor to say that he needed to go into hospital for further tests. The next minute the Flyer Doctor had been called to transfer him to Townsville.

“It was the next day when he got the bad news that he had an aggressive form of leukaemia. He was told that if he had waited another month to get tests then it would have been too late to do anything.”

From the moment of his diagnoses, the Leukaemia Foundation stepped in to help – they took over everything so the family didn’t have to worry.

“We know first hand what the Leukaemia Foundation do and how much assistance and hope they give to families like ours, which is why this Light the Night event is so close to our hearts.”

A raffle and other fund-raising games will be held on the night to raise further funds for the Leukaemia Foundation.

Light the Night Walk

7th of October

5pm – Resident’s Happy Hour with normal plate of food & BYO Drinks 6pm – BYO BBQ meal, bar open with limited stock – gold coin donation per drink.

7:00pm – 7:30pm – collect lanterns, final donations & final raffle ticket sales

7:45pm – 8:00pm – draw raffle & commence walk through the Village

Raffle tickets & donations can be collected at Mitty’ s office. Please register with Mitty to attend and receive a free lantern to walk through the Village.

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