It rattles, leaks and requires a hoist to remove its canopy, but to Nic Pearl this 1962 series IIA short wheelbase Landrover is his dream car.

The RV Homebase resident can be seen tinkering with the “old gem” most days out of his impressive custom-designed garage, preparing its engine for the regular short drives he takes exploring the Fraser Coast.

“It really is a hoot to drive, we have a lot of fun whenever we take her out,” Nic said.

Formally from Canberra, Nic purchased the vintage Landrover, nicknamed Betty, in Geelong, Victoria four years ago.

“The guy who had it before me used to drive it everyday along the highway to work, which would have been a pretty bumpy ride,” Nic said.

Nic Pearl's 1962 Landrover.

Nic Pearl’s 1962 Landrover.

“When I bought her you couldn’t go over a bump without being thrown from your seat – and when there are no seatbelts, it does give you a bit of a fright!”

Made of aluminum, with glass windows, the Landrover is completely original, with just a few extras added, including side mirrors and new tires.

“The original owner put it together from a box of parts and the second owner, who is the gentleman I purchased it from, dismantled it and refurbished it,” Nic said.

“I have since done a fair bit of work to it myself so that I could feel somewhat safe driving it. Saying that though, I would probably only drive it around town and in some back streets because she doesn’t go much faster than 80km/h!”

Broom, broom!

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