When RV Homebase promises a lifestyle among like-minded neighbours, they really mean it.

This was certainly the case for a group of sightseers from RV Homebase Stage 7, who climbed on board the RV Homebase bus en route for the lush sugarcane fields and popular seaside location of Bargara, 10km outside of Bundaberg last week.

The group of 20 were invited to the Bundaberg Sailing Club for its annual gathering and open day. It’s where Stage 7 residents Colin and Shirley Piper had spent the past four months as caretakers.

“Shirley and I had been employed as caretakers of the club while our home was being built at RV Homebase, and when we finished up there they invited us back for the annual get-together,” Colin said.

“We thought, well this might be a good opportunity to get a few of our neighbours together for a bus trip and show them around Bargara and the Sailing Club.”

Bus Trip

Colin, who drove the bus, made sure to take his new friends for a tour of the famous sugarcane fields and Burnet River. He said it was the perfect detour as the Bundaberg Sailing Club was situated on the banks of the beautiful Burnett River, around 20km north-west of the city.

“Not many of the people on the bus had seen this part of the country, especially the sugarcane fields,” Colin said.

“It’s always nice to go back to a place you know well and share it with others.”

The event was celebrated with a live band, barbecue and drinks.


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