For passionate humanitarians, David and Jo Christmas, RV Homebase has become their salvation.

The couple, who have spent their lives travelling the world helping others less fortunate, were seeking a home base where they could continue their charitable work overseas, without the worry of a home to look after.

Lucky for them, they found it in May — falling in love with a re-sale home in Stage 1a of RV Homebase.

“We came for a look around the Village during the Open Day and just couldn’t help falling absolutely, head-over-heels in love with this particular home,” Jo said.

“The couple who owned it, funnily enough, were moving to the Sunshine Coast to be closer to their family, so the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.”

The Christmas’s had a large property in Peachester on the Sunshine Coast, which required continuous maintenance, including countless hours in the garden.

Jo said it was the security and peace of mind offered at RV Homebase that piqued their interest in the Village.

“It was the fact that we could come and go, get away when we pleased and not have to worry about the grounds that really appealed to us,” Jo said.

“We had acreage on the Sunshine Coast and we had to get house sitters if we ever went anywhere. Not having to worry about the upkeep of a garden, without having to compromise on having a beautiful garden and grounds around us, is why we were determined as anything to move here.”

Jo and David put a contract on the house in the days following the Open Day, but due to complications selling their home on the Sunshine Coast, the contract was extended for six months.

“Anna (from RV Homebase sales team) was very good and kept in touch throughout the whole process, she organised photos to be taken of our home and for an evaluation by a property agent.”

David and Jo have now settled in to village life with their dog Bree and are truly happy.

Welcome to RV Homebase David and Jo!

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