For Janna and Marinus Laarburg, life at RV Homebase is all about “Getting involved!”

The couple moved to the Village in February and have since joined countless resident activities, with Janna taking Tai Chi, aqua aerobics, gym and belly dancing classes.

“We just love getting out and meeting everyone and doing as much as we can when we’re at home,” Janna said.

“I love our neighbourhood, everyone is really nice. We have even had a street party where everyone in Stage 6 got together for a bbq, it was so much fun.”

The couple, who moved to Australia from Holland in 1982, built a Hunter-T designed home at RV Homebase — their fifteenth home since moving more than 30 years ago.

“We have moved around a lot because of Marinus’s job as an engineer in the mines,” Janna said. “We have built four times during our time in Australia and this is our fifteenth home.”

From Dubbo to Bundaberg, Murwillumbah to Brisbane, they never stayed in one place too long — until moving to RV Homebase.

“When we started travelling we realised that we needed to look for somewhere to live where we could continue living this sort of lifestyle, without having the worry,” Janna said.

“We came across RV Homebase and we liked the concept, so we came and had a look and really from that point on our minds were made up!”

Since moving into their new home, Marinus and Janna have taken their first big caravanning holiday to Western Australia.

“We felt so secure knowing our home would be looked after while we were away. They even took pictures and shared stories of our growing plants.”

The couple are planning further trips…. and many more street parties!

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