Timing has always been a player in John and Sue Natoli’s life — but never more so than when making the decision to move to RV Homebase.

The couple had no plans of selling their Brisbane home until earlier this year when an unexpected encounter with a fellow traveller set them on a new path, which ultimately changed their lives.

John and Sue had been digging for sapphires at Willows Gemfields, near Emerald in north Queensland, when they first heard of RV Homebase.

“We were speaking to this couple about living the travelling dream, as you do, when they told us about RV Homebase and made it sound so great for couples like Sue and I, who enjoy to travel,” John said.

The Natoli’s booked at the RV Homebase Hardstand to stay in their caravan for two nights on their way back to Brisbane, arriving on a Saturday in June.

On arrival, the couple were taken on a guided tour of the Village and were invited to attend the community pizza night.

“We joined the residents for pizza night and had a fantastic time, asking questions about what it was like to live here, their favourite parts and so on,” John said.

“Everyone we spoke to kept on saying, “This was the best decision I have ever made.”

No Fees at RV Homebase

“After pizza night, Sue and I sat down and talked about what we thought of living somewhere like this. It just so happens that while we were on holiday we had organised for our house to be painted and so we wouldn’t have to worry about that if we decided to sell – but that was just a coincidence.”

The following day the couple met with RV Homebase Sales Consultant, Anna Golden, who took them for tour of the construction site and shared plans for a ready-to-move-in designed home in Stage 6.

“We put a holding deposit down right then and there,” Sue said.

“That day we went home and put our home on the market, with photos taken of the fresh paint. The real estate agent decided to hold an open day that very week and we had 15 couples go through the home, with one securing the contract.

RV Sales Team

RV Homebase Sales Consultant, Anna Golden

“We couldn’t believe it and to be honest, we were shocked. After that it became very real.”

The perfect timing continued as the settlement of their home in Brisbane happened one day before the settlement of their new RV Homebase home.

The coupled moved into their home on October 28.

“We just love it here, we couldn’t be happier,” Sue said.

“I use the gym and go to water aerobics, lawn bowls and movie nights.”

John praised the building team for their commitment to producing high-quality homes at RV Homebase.

“A week after we moved in one of the builders dropped in to check everything was working fine and that we were satisfied with our home, which was completely unexpected and very reassuring,” John said.

Sue said she felt a weight had been lifted since moving to RV Homebase.

“This place has everything you could want, right down to the beautiful grounds for an evening walk,” she said.

“The fact that we can leave anytime and know our home is secure is just a bonus.”

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