If there was ever a more loved team of gardeners, it would be at RV Homebase.

The Village horticultural team work tirelessly to maintain the grounds, plant new gardens and continue the ever-growing maintenance that surrounds RV Homebase and its vast green space.

As a token of appreciation, the RV Homebase community fundraised to purchase a thank you plaque for the horticultural team, presenting it to them in a heart-felt ceremony on Friday.

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RV Homebase resident, Linda Earle, helped organise the plaque alongside her fellow neighbours, describing the gift as a way of sharing the residents’ appreciation.

“We are just so lucky here to be surrounded in such amazing green space, with beautiful lawns and gardens — all of which is meticulously maintained by the fantastic gardening team,” Linda said.

“Nothing is ever a worry or concern for Graham and his team, they are always so friendly and willing to help and even give advice when it’s asked.”

The plaque was inscribed with a gardening poem, written by fellow resident Jenny Ogden. Each member of the horticultural team was also presented with an inscribed key ring.



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