Family has always been a big part of Rod and Michele Davis’ lives.

Their big Sydney home was full of love, with their daughter, her husband and their three young children living under the same roof for five years.

It was only after their daughter and her family moved to the Sunshine Coast that Rod and Michele decided it was also time to relocate.

“We had no intention of leaving Sydney,” Michele said. “But the thought of being so far away from the grandchildren was too much to bear, so we began searching for somewhere close by that suited our lifestyle.”

The couple booked into the RV Homebase hardstand following a trip to Rockhampton in their caravan in May. It was during their two-day visit to the Village that Rod and Michele decided to sell their home in Sydney and move permanently to Maryborough.

“We picked a block and paid a deposit that day,” Rod said. “We didn’t even have to think about because it just seemed right.”

After returning home, the couple put their Sydney property on the market – and it sold over night.

Once they had “recovered from the shock”, Rod and Michele started packing up their house and hit the road for Maryborough.

They spent the next 12 weeks in the Maryborough Caravan Park while their new home was being built.

“It was actually great being so close because we could just come by and check on the build whenever we wanted, and we were available if the builders needed us to inspect anything,” Rod said.

Their home is a modified Yarra 3 design, with an extended living area and an open-plan layout. One of the features of this home is a sewing room, made specifically for Michele and her crafts.

Michele and Rod Davis

Michele in her sewing room at RV Homebase.

“I have been sewing since I was a little girl when I started making my own clothes,” she said.

“I have tried a bit of everything along the way, from patchwork to wool spinning, and now I make bags.”

Michele’s talent for sewing is evident in all her creations, with some of her bags taking up to 20-hours to complete.

“I find it therapeutic actually,” she said. “It’s a lot more enjoyable now that we are in this new home because in Sydney my sewing room was a garden shed at the back of the house.”

Welcome to the Village, Michele and Rod.

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