The inauguration of the RV Homebase Winemaking Club was a major topic of conversation during a community forum recently.

More than 30 residents volunteered to join the club, which would be responsible for tending to the first ever batch of RV Homebase wine.


RV Homebase founder Peter Shadforth said the volunteers would be needed to kick off the fermentation process.

“We aim to bring in a few barrels from the Barossa to set up in a specifically made winemaker shed,” Mr Shadforth said.

“The wine will be tended to and cared for by the residents of RV Homebase as we aim to create our very own winemaker club here.”

The winemaking shed, which will be fitted with air-conditioning and solar power, was expected to be completed mid-2017.


The residents gathered following the meeting to discuss roles within the club, as well as present their previous experience in winemaking.

“We had a great turnout of volunteers for the club,” Mr Shadforth said. “I asked for five volunteers and 30 turned up, which just shows how fantastic the community involvement is here.”


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