When a fellow traveller offered Jan Ellis a brochure on RV Homebase while visiting a camping spot near Mackay, the former Sunshine Coast resident couldn’t stop herself from reading every page.

Jan and her husband, Ian, were on a seven week RV holiday along the East Coast of Queensland, when they made the decision to book two nights on the RV Homebase Hardstand in their RV for free.

Jan said she had already fallen in love with RV Homebase from looking at the brochure, but seeing the Village in person confirmed their decision to move.

“From first sight, we knew this is where we wanted to be,” Jan said.

Having discovered a love for the open road in early 2016 during their first RV holiday, Ian and Jan decided to search for a home base that offered peace of mind while on the road.

“Before moving here we didn’t like to spend too much time away from home because of the garden and everything else. But now we don’t have to worry about anything and we can travel whenever we want – it’s just wonderful.”

Welcome to RV Homebase, Ian and Jan.

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