The awe-inspiring facade is one thing, but it’s the story behind this 11-metre motorhome that has everyone at RV Homebase talking.

Barry and Pat moved to the Village in September last year, following 10 years on the road in their incredible motorhome, which is more like a house of wheels!

The converted coach has been fitted with a master bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room and plenty of storage.

It was an eight-year dream for the couple who started the project in 1998 and finished the renovation / restoration one year after Barry’s retirement in 2006.

“We brought it as a coach in 1998, when it still had all the seats and all,” Barry told RVTV presenter, Kate. “We totally stripped it and rebuilt everything, even the roof.

“It was a part-time job why we were working; we spent almost every Saturday and Sunday and most public holidays preparing it for the trip.”

Following 10 years on the road, Barry and Pat found their new home base at Maryborough in Queensland, as part of the RV Homebase village.

Now, their massive bus sits comfortably in their custom-built garage, ready and raring for its next adventure!


Welcome to the Village, Barry and Pat.

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