“When on the road the biggest decision we have to make is whether to have a cup of tea or a cup of coffee, that’s what I like about it,” RV Homebase resident, Valerie Siebenhausen said while describing life on the road.

Having spent the best part of five years travelling across the vast landscape of Australia, Valerie and her husband Greg made the life-changing decision to move to RV Homebase, at the gateway to the Fraser Coast in Queensland.

“When travelling, we spent the first three years touring around the East Coast of Australia.

“Then we came home for a couple of years and set off travelling again to Victoria and over to Tasmania for eight months,” Valerie said.

“We do a lot of free camping, which is great because it means you can move when you want to move and stay when you want to stay.

“We have also met a lot of friends, some of whom have become life long friends, and who we have stayed in contact with for all these years.”

The couple from Gympie, moved to RV Homebase for the peace of mind offered to residents while on the road.

Before they decided to relocate, Valerie and Greg owned a 26-acre property, where they bred Stud Jersey cattle.

“Every time we went away we would leave the property to friends, who didn’t have to pay rent, just pay the power and look after the property and cattle,” she said.

“Unfortunately, we always felt uneasy leaving for such a long amount of time.”

Since moving to RV Homebase in September last year, the couple said that they now have the best of both worlds.

“We have a home offering peace of mind and a partnership to show our cows,” Valerie said.

“Showing our cows is a hobby and we didn’t want to give that up, so we now have a partnership with another farmer who takes care of them, milks them and we can show them when we like.”

Valerie and Greg plan to set off for another adventure in June.

Welcome to the Village Valerie and Greg! 





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