A garage is a garage, unless you are living at RV Homebase.

With an average size of 16m x 6m, the garage spaces at RV Homebase are big enough to fit a caravan or motorhome, two cars and even a bar!

And although the garages at RV Homebase may look similar in size, their interiors are quite unique.

Take Derek and Cheryl’s garage for example. They moved to RV Homebase six months ago, with the condition being that they could bring everything from their old house – and that included a mezzanine floor and a winch.

“This is the man cave,” Derek said to RV Homebase presenter Kate, while showing her through the 17 metre-long garage.

“I have made some custom modifications, including the winch and basket system in the mezzanine.”

At the other end of the Village, John and Sue have included a dedicated bar area in their garage, which comes in perfect for Happy Hour.

“In our garage we can fit our caravan, two cars and there is still room for the bar,” John said.

“Our friends come in, have a drink and sit around the bar, it’s great.”

Watch this episode of RVTV to see inside these incredible garage spaces.

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